MAST Faculty Spotlight: Former MAST Director, Dr. Rebecca Hill

As an undergraduate, former MAST director Dr. Rebecca Hill studied history at a small liberal arts college, and she describes her undergraduate years as being strongly influenced not just by the classes she took with her mentors, but also by the anti-apartheid movement with which she was heavily involved. She reflects, “I wound up writingContinue reading “MAST Faculty Spotlight: Former MAST Director, Dr. Rebecca Hill”

MAST Program Introduces New Director, Dr. Stacy Keltner

I think it is very important for American Studies to be at the table for the college- and university-level discussions of what graduate programming is going to look like. That said, many of our long-held values are the ones being emphasized – interdisciplinarity, engagement, diversity, culture. We just have to make sure we are part of the dialogue that determines their meaning.

Welcome to American Studies at Kennesaw State University!

We here at the Master of Arts in American Studies are venturing into the blogosphere to keep you updated on what’s going on in our department and in the broader field of American Studies. We’ll bring you Student and Faculty Spotlights, Guest Bloggers, Reading lists for your breaks, and Alumni Updates in addition to generalContinue reading “Welcome to American Studies at Kennesaw State University!”