MAST Faculty Spotlight: Former MAST Director, Dr. Rebecca Hill

As an undergraduate, former MAST director Dr. Rebecca Hill studied history at a small liberal arts college, and she describes her undergraduate years as being strongly influenced not just by the classes she took with her mentors, but also by the anti-apartheid movement with which she was heavily involved. She reflects, “I wound up writingContinue reading “MAST Faculty Spotlight: Former MAST Director, Dr. Rebecca Hill”

MAST Program Introduces New Director, Dr. Stacy Keltner

I think it is very important for American Studies to be at the table for the college- and university-level discussions of what graduate programming is going to look like. That said, many of our long-held values are the ones being emphasized – interdisciplinarity, engagement, diversity, culture. We just have to make sure we are part of the dialogue that determines their meaning.